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TheRAbase is a rheumatoid arthritis (RA)-specific relational database designed to archive and validate data generated from commonly used RA models (e.g. TgTNFs, CIA, CAIA, PIA,). It is developed in the context of project Be The Cure (BTCURE), an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funded research project, which aims to develop new therapies against rheumatoid arthritis, and to promote basic understanding of disease processes and therapeutic development through a combination of both academic and industrial resources.

TheRAbase is a model-centric database that not only serves as a mouse data repository presenting phenotypic data (e.g. immunological profiling, histopathological analysis of inflammation and structural damage) as well as genomic and proteomic signatures (including raw data), but also supports graphical result representation as well as comparative functions.

All data are manually curated into TheRAbase in a standardized, hierarchically structured manner designed to allow integration and interoperability across experimental platforms and organisms for further identification and validation of targets and pathways, as well as new translational biomarkers before and after specific treatments.

Funded and supported by: BTCURE

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