Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Τhe mission of the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Program is to use, develop and optimize state-of-the art software, applications, databases and computational and statistical pipelines to tackle complex biological problems. We utilize high-performance computing and big-data technologies to process, analyse and integrate various multi-Omic data such as genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. In addition, we simultaneously provide bioinformatics solutions as a service. While the main focus of the program is to aid researchers in understanding the mechanisms behind human diseases, our activities cover a wider spectrum of research questions varying from personalized medicine to fundamental biology and environmental studies.

Current member researchers of the Program:

P. Moulos - Computational genomics, multi-omics data integration and clinical bioinformatics.
C. Nikolaou -
G. Pavlopoulos - Bioinformatics, metagenomics and network biology approaches to understand microbial biodiversity.
M. Reczko - In-silico metabolomics and biomolecular interaction modelling for RNA and proteins.
B. Savakis - Life Sciences data infrastructures, Head of the Greek ELIXIR Node.





B.S.R.C. "Alexander Fleming"
34 Fleming Street, 16672 Vari, Greece
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