The Neurobiology division formed in 2011 after the dissolution of the Institute of Cellular and Developmental Biology. Its broad aim is to advance high quality research in cutting edge areas of current Neurobiology towards understanding brain function. In addition to basic research, current and future research projects emphasize the potential for innovative diagnostic and translational approaches to combat debilitating conditions that disrupt brain function such as learning disabilities, amnesias, dementias and other neurodegenerative disorders. Furthermore, the Division reaches out to Greek and International companies operating in the area of pharmaceuticals that target the nervous system with the aim of joint projects and strategic partnerships.


The currently understaffed division is represented by the Skoulakis laboratory, whose expertise lie in molecular mechanisms of learning and memory and Tauopathies. Visiting neurobiologist and biophysicist Dr Luca Turin who collaboratively with the Skoulakis lab have pioneered breakthroughs in olfaction and to the fledgling field of Quantum (neuro)Biology. Finally, adjunct researcher Dr Christos Consoulas, an Associate Professor of Experimental Physiology at the University of Athens Medical School and long-term collaborator, oversees and contributes his expertise to the current expansion in the area of Neurophysiology.


Current member researchers of the Division:

E. Skoulakis
K. Papanikolopoulou
M. Denaxa



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