Martin Reczko Research Group

The research focus of our lab is on:

- computational metabolomics

- computational methods modelling biomolecular interactions, especially for RNA and proteins

- development and application of novel machine learning methods for biomedical research.

Our lab also conducts most of the bioinformatics analysis of BSRC A. Flemings genomics facility and has established several computational analysis pipelines for many types of high-throughput sequencing data and operates the computational infrastructure of the facility related to bioinformatics. We have performed many custom analysis for high-throughput experiments described in numerous publications.

Dr. Reczko is the elected Head of Node for the life science resources infrastructure ELIXIR-Greece and also supports the coordination of the national infrastructure project ELIXIR-GR. He was also identified as a highly cited researcher in 2018 by the Web of Science group. Our lab participates in ELIXIR-GR's Pilot Actions Metabolomics and Pathogens, with the development of dynamic simulations of the human gut microbiome and error-tolerant de-novo genomic assemblers, respectively. Furthermore, we participate in the European H2020 grant ELIXIR Converge, which is expected to start in early 2020 and will build data management capacity including a network of experts and data management toolkit on the European level.

Over many years, the workload of the lab is also covered in part by Dr. Alexandros Dimopoulos.