Innovation and Enterprise Unit

  • Established in 1998, Fleming operates under the auspices of the Greek Government.
  • Achieved the highest ranking out of Greece's eight life sciences research centers in an independent review commissioned by the Greek government in 2014.
  • Located in a newly renovated 6000 sq. meter purpose-built building within easy reach of Athens international airport.
  • Fleming hosts 17 research laboratories divided into 5 research Divisions.
  • Annual budget exceeds €8.2 million, of which 73% comes from competitive national, European and international grants.
  • Prestigious grant funding from sources including: DARPA, EU-Horizon 2020, European Research Council, Fondaction Santé, Marie Curie Fellowship program, Innovative Medicines Initiative, European Regional Development Fund, and Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Click for full details of our funded research programs.
  • Core facilities and service laboratories with ISO certification.