The Proteomics facility offers services for the quantitative analysis of proteins and the characterization of their interactions and post-translational modifications. A Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF-X Hybrid Quadropole-Orbitrap mass spectometer and an LTQ Orbitrap XL Hybrid Ion Trap are available, providing outstanding tools for advanced proteomics. Both instruments are coupled to specialized RSLCnano systems (Ultimate 3000, Thermo) for peptide separation. A Surface Plasmon Resonance biosensor (BIAcore 3000) is also available for the analysis of macromolecular interactions. The Proteomics facility is a key participant in the National infrastructure for Personalised Medicine (pMedGR), as well as the InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos infrastructure and provides open access to academic users.


  • Protein identification by nano Ultra LC–mass spectrometry
  • Differential proteomics of complex samples using label-free quantification (LFQ)
  • Protein quantification using isotopic labeling (SILAC) or reporter ion labeling (iTRAQ, TMT)
  • Characterization of protein complexes
  • Targeted proteomic analysis
  • Identification of post-translational modifications
  • Sample preparation for proteomics by FASP (Filter Aided Sample Preparation), S-Trap and SP3, in-solution or in-gel digestion
  • Phosphopeptide enrichment using TiO2
  • Data analysis using Proteome Discoverer 2.3 (Thermo) and the MaxQuant-software suite
  • Quantitative drug analysis
  • Quantitative phospholipid analysis
  • Quantitative analysis of macromolecular interactions with the Biacore 3000 biosensor

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