We aim to achieve excellence in Cancer Research by employing multi-disciplinary approaches to understand fundamental mechanisms that regulate cell growth and promote carcinogenesis. Research findings are exploited to develop new products that can improve prevention, diagnosis and therapy of cancer.

Current member researchers of the Program:

  • G. Kollias - Molecular and cellular mechanisms of chronic inflammation and cancer
  • V. Aidinis - Molecular pathophysiology of pulmonary inflammation, fibrosis and cancer
  • E. Douni - Mouse Functional Genetics for bone, immune and neurological diseases
  • M. Fousteri - Regulatory (epi)genomics in cancer and aging related diseases
  • P. Hatzis - RNA-mediated transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in carcinogenesis
  • V. Koliaraki - Origin, plasticity and function of the intestinal microenvironment in health and disease
  • D. Kontoyiannis - Post-transcriptional modules of gene expression in physiology and disease
  • V. Kostourou - Blood vessel morphogenesis and function
  • A. Matralis - Development of bioactive molecules against complex human diseases
  • G. Panayotou - Molecular Analysis of Signal Transduction Pathways
  • M. Tsoumakidou - Tumor immunology and immunotherapy