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Since 2001, the Animal House of BSRC "Alexander Fleming" provides high quality breeding and experimental environment and animal models to the biomedical research community, promoting animal welfare, excellence and scientific interaction.

PhenoClinic Services


BSRC PhenoClinic is equipped with the Mainz COLOVIEW System from Karl Storz, providing high-resolution mini-endoscopy imaging services (examination of living animals over time), endoscopy-guided orthotopic implantation of cells and support, for studies involving mouse models of intestinal inflammation and cancer.

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Ultrasound Imaging

BSRC PhenoClinic is equipped with Vevo 3100 Imaging System from FUJIFILM VisualSonics, a software-controlled system that acquires and displays high-resolution, real-time ultrasound images, intended for diagnostic imaging and fluid flow analysis on small animals in the laboratory environment.

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In vivo optical / X-ray Imaging

BSRC PhenoClinic is equipped with the In-Vivo Xtreme Imaging System from Bruker, a system with quantitative high sensitivity imaging of luminescent, radioisotopic, and multi-wavelength fluorescent labeled biomolecules in combination with radiographic and reflectance imaging, providing powerful and versatile in vivo imaging for small animals.

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Irradiation services and support are provided at the BSRC Fleming, which is equipped with the MDS Nordion Gammacell 3000 Elan, ideal for the irradiation of small animals for myeloablation/chimera creation. The scientific personnel can provide users with consultation related to experimental design and assistance for their projects.

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Metabolic/Behavioral Phenotyping

BSRC PhenoClinic is equipped with the Promethion Core System from Sable Systems International, a metabolic and behavioral measurement system that utilizes modern digital and computer technology to deliver the highest resolution data (animal activity, ingestive behavioral patterns, body mass monitoring, wheel running, metabolic data) of small rodents in the laboratory environment.

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Metabolic Cage housing

BSRC PhenoClinic is equipped with the Metabolic Cages from Tecniplast, a system that provides a perfect separation of feces and urine of mice through the special design of the funnel and of the separation cone. Metabolic Cages are designed to minimize animal stress while performing reliable experiments.

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Behavioral Phenotyping

BSRC PhenoClinic offers standardized behavioral phenotyping services for the detection of behavioral patterns in mouse models. The phenotyping unit is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from Ugo Basile to provide both primary and advanced behavioral phenotyping.

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