For optimal animal model and research

Since 2001, the Animal House of BSRC "Alexander Fleming" provides high quality breeding and experimental environment and animal models to the biomedical research community, promoting animal welfare, excellence and scientific interaction.

Our services

Animal Supply

  • Supply of the most common inbred and outbred mouse strains used in biomedical research, such as C57BL/6, CBA, BALB/c, CD1.
  • Supply of mouse models of human diseases.

Experimental Services

  • Upon agreement, Animal House provides, installation, personnel and animal models for research experimental protocols.
  • Animal house phenotyping services (Phenoclinic Services) include:
    In vivo imaging
    - Endoscopy
    - In vivo optical / X-ray imaging (X-rays, luminescence, fluorescence)
    - Ultrasound imaging
    Metabolic phenotyping
    - Metabolic cages
    - Metabolic and Behavioral Phenotyping System
  • For further information regarding mouse phenotyping consult our webpage,

Animal Hosting

  • Animal international import.
  • Reproduction and hosting.
  • Health monitoring, veterinary care and support.
  • Distribution of mice upon request.

Education & Training

  • LAS Courses
  • In house seminars and modules. New animal house users are trained, according to the National and European legislation, for a 3-month period, prior to access.
  • External school and academic foundation visits. Tours and seminars adapted to the type of the visiting foundation.
  • Host Institution for Regional Fellowship Training Program (Europe) - ICLAS.

Contact Information

Phone Number

+30 210 9656310 (ext. 253)

BSRC "Alexander Fleming" Animal House
34 Fleming Street, 16672
Vari, Greece

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