Innovation and Enterprise Unit

BSRC Fleming’s dedicated Innovation and Enterprise Unit (IEU) is one-stop-shop for all aspects of the successful exploitation of inventions and technologies arising from Fleming research. Its mission is to guide and assist researchers and work with external collaborators to ensure Fleming science is transferred to the wider community for best use, both socially and economically. Established in 2005, to date the IEU has:

  • Established patent portfolios around core Fleming technologies
  • Overseen the establishment of Fleming’s spin-out company, BiomedCode
  • Established streamlined procedures to manage Fleming intellectual property (IP)
  • Concluded important contracts with industry

Main IEU responsibilities:

  • To draft, negotiate and manage IP agreements between Fleming and third parties. For example: Material Transfer Agreements, Service Agreements, Research Agreements, Collaboration Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements. 
  • To evaluate the patentability and commercial potential of Fleming IP, relying on a strong network of collaborators with expertise in IP protection and business development. 
  • To support spin-off establishment.
  • To support Fleming researchers in fostering common development projects with industry.
  • To promote Fleming’s IP portfolios, technologies and expertise through participation in external events and exhibitions.