BSRC Al. Flemings' Genomics Facility
"34 Fleming Street
16672, Vari
T +30 210 9656310, ext. 221
F +30 210 9653934

For enquires on designing a microarray or an NGS experiment, troubleshooting on protocols or on data analysis  please contact Genomics Facility personnel at their corresponding e-mails or at genomics[at]
For use of Facility's equipment, NGS Biology or Microarray solutions
For Bioinformatics and NGS analysis pipeline

"Scientific Director,
Pantelis Hatzis, Ph.D., hatzis[at]"

For ordering information please contact us at genomics[at]
We will reply within one to two business days with a quote for your experiment

Order forms are available here.


B.S.R.C. "Alexander Fleming"
34 Fleming Street, 16672 Vari, Greece
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