Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized genomics, enabling a wide range of novel applications at a high throughput, genome-wide level. NGS enables massively parallel sequencing of nucleic acid fragments to address a variety of experimental questions, such as SNP profiling and mutation discovery, detection of structural variants, genome-wide measurement of mRNA transcript levels, alternative splicing events, microbiota compositions and a number of other applications.

The Fleming Genomics Facility was established in 2008. The Facility currently operates an Ion Proton™ System coupled to Ion Torrent™ One Touch™ and Ion Chef™ System, as well as an MGI DNBSEQ-G400 for next generation sequencing-based experimental protocols.

A broad variety of experimental protocols are supported by the Genomics Facility, such as whole genome sequencing, shotgun sequencing, targeted/exome sequencing, mRNA-seq, RNA-seq, 3’ mRNA-seq, ChIP-seq, 16S RNA sequencing, methylation sequencing, etc.

Genomics Facility can prepare sequencing Libraries for the following applications:

• Genome Sequencing: gDNA-Seq (de novo, re-sequencing)
• Targeted/Exome sequencing: In solution Hybridization (TargetSeq), or PCR based amplification (AmpliSeq)
• Transcriptome Sequencing: RNA-Seq, 3’ mRNA-seq
• 16S RNA sequencing

Libraries provided by users

Please contact Genomics Facility personnel prior to library construction. User-provided starting material and prepared libraries have to meet Genomics Facility QC standards before sequencing.

Quality & Amount of Starting material required per application

Please contact the Genomics Facility for precise instructions regarding the requirements in terms of quantity and quality of the provided DNA and/or RNA.

Email: Genomics[at]