Mihalis Verykokakis Research Group

Our research is centered on the functions of the E protein family of transcription factors, and their antagonistic ID proteins, which are pivotal in the diversification of innate and adaptive lymphocytes and when deregulated contribute to lymphomagenesis. We have recently shown that a gradient of ID activity controls multiple checkpoints during iNKT cell development, including 1) iNKT lineage commitment, 2) iNKT lineage specification and 3) sublineage diversification. Our research program involves the implementation of high-throughput whole-genome approaches combined with molecular and biochemical studies and the use of genetic mouse models to investigate the mechanisms determining innate lymphoid lineage development, function and potential subsequent application, and includes three major areas of interest:

1)Delineation of the developmental pathway of innate-like T lymphocytes

2)Transcriptional and epigenetic control of innate-like T cell development

3)Investigation of the innate T lymphocyte functions in liver homeostasis and disease.