Agency: Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (HFRI) ELIDEK 

Grant ID: 1687

Duration: 2018-2021

Type: 1st HFRI Call for the support of PostDoc Researchers

Title: The role of mesenchymal-derived IGF1 in intestinal homeostasis and the promotion of colitis and colitis-associated cancer (FAnaTIC)

Budget: 180.000,00€

PI: Michael Sarris

Agency: Fondation Sante  

Duration: 2017-2019

Type: Research Grants in Biomedical Sciences Program

Title: Identification and functional characterization of mesenchymal cell lineages in intestinal development and carcinogenesis

Budget: 40,000.00 €

Agency: European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation  

Duration: 2017-2018

Title: The role of mesenchymal cells in IBD pathogenesis: focus on mechanisms underlying villous blunting/atrophy

Budget: 40,000.00 €


Duration: 2016-2019

Type: Starting grant

Title: The origin, identities and function of intestinal mesenchymal cells during embryonic development and in intestinal inflammation and cancer

Budget: 50,000.00 €


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