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06-07-2012. Fleming researchers have revealed a major role for Autotaxin (ATX, ENPP2) and its bioactive lipid product lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis [Pubmed1] and pulmonary fibrosis [Pubmed2]. Their work establishes the ATX/LPA axis as a novel player in chronic inflammatory disorders [Pubmed 3] and as a promising therapeutic target. See also related highlights at Nat. Rev. Rheum, Nat. lipid maps, F1000, AJRCMB and TIS.

16-1-2010. Fleming’s researchers have discovered that embryonic expression of Autotaxin, a secreted lysophospholipase D generating lysophosphatidic acid, is necessary for vascular branching morphogenesis and neural tube closure. [PubMed]

12-2-2009. Pulmonary translational research at Fleming: Researchers at the institute of immunology in collaboration with various University hospitals have discovered an important role for gelsolin, an actin-binding protein, in lung pathophysiology. [Pubmed-1] [Pubmed-2]. More...

1-8-2008. Inauguration of BSRC Fleming’s Expression Profiling Unit.  The Unit is equipped with the most advanced technology on microarray experimentation and data analysis. The B.S.R.C. Al. Fleming’s Expression Profiling Unit provides expression profiling services to academic and research centers as well as the private sector. Please see related press release.

22-2-2008. Institute for Immunology, utilizing comparative expression profiling, have discovered new genes and pathways involved in the pathophysiology of pulmonary fibrosis. Among them and through the utilization of tissue microarrays, HIF-1a was shown to have an early primary role in disease pathogenesis. [Pubmed]

22-11-2007. The MUGEN Mouse Database (MMdb) is a database of murine models of immune processes and immunological diseases. It was developed in the context of MUGEN network of Excellence (MUGEN NoE) and serves as a use-case example of database integration and interoperability, in the context of CASIMIR, a co-ordination action on mouse resource integration. An article describing MMdb has recently been published in the Nucleic Acid Research Database Issue [Pubmed].

10-10-2007. CASIMIR Network Meeting in Corfu (3rd-6th October) organized by BSRC Fleming. CASIMIR, a coordination action of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission, focuses on co-ordination, integration and sustainability of international mouse informatics resources.




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