BSRC Fleming at the Athens Science Festival 2024!

The Athens Science Festival is making its return to the Technopolis City of Athens from April 16th to 21st, celebrating its 10th anniversary with captivating "Tales of Change."

BSRC Fleming is joining the festival on Friday April 19th with three activities.

For more info see: https://www.athens-science-festival.gr/
Festival tickets available at: https://bit.ly/49NMnMg


asf2024 1Unraveling Mysteries: Bone Proteomics at the BSRC “Alexander Fleming”

Join us at the Athens Science Festival 2024 and explore with us the wonders of bone proteomics!

Dive into the fascinating world of mass spectrometry and proteomics, essential tools for shedding light on ancient mysteries and modern health challenges.

From unlocking secrets of paleontology to combating osteoporosis and aiding forensic investigations, discover how analyzing bone proteins revolutionizes science, helping us to understand our past and shape our future!




asf2024 2Tiny brain: BIG impact

Welcome to “Tiny brain: BIG impact” to discover the remarkable role of Drosophila melanogaster in biomedical research!

Despite its very small size, the fruit fly holds tremendous significance in unraveling the mysteries of the human brain. Drosophila’s brain contains about 100,000 neurons but exhibits many complex behaviors, such as learning and memory, and is one of the most commonly used model organisms for human diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Join us at our booth to see under the microscope how various mutations affect different aspects of flies’ appearance and to find out how we train them to learn and remember!




asf2024 3Journey into the Microbial Realm

What do diseases affecting our nerve cells have in common with eye disorders and the biofilm formed by microbes to protect themselves?

Is it possible to design pharmaceutical molecules targeting these conditions? Are microbes friends or foes? Can we transform them into living drug discovery factories?

Join us on our research journey with the aid of a secret ally: the green fluorescent protein!