CINVESTAV Research Institute of Mexico and the Mexico’s Ambassador in Greece visit BSRC Alexander Fleming.

On 8/3/2024, BSRC Alexander Fleming had the honour to host the Ambassador of Mexico in Greece, Mr. Alejandro García Moreno, the Head of Economic-Commercial and International Cooperation Affairs of the Embassy, Ms. Laura Olivia Mora Barreto as well as the General Director of Cinvestav Dr. Alberto Sánchez Hernández, the Director of Planning of Cinvestav, Dr. Martha Espinosa Cantellano, and the Researcher Dr. Fanis Missirlis to discuss possible collaborations between the two Centres. The meeting was attended by the President of BSRC Alexander Fleming, Dr. George Panayotou and the directors of IFBR, Dr. Efthimios Skoulakis and IBI, Dr. George Skretas.