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All BSRC Fleming recruitment calls are advertized below. Please follow the links for more details on each position and contact information.  

The Center also accepts students for short-term training or for research projects required for a university bachelor's or post-graduate degree. All candidates must have health insurance, usually covered by their University. For availability and further information please contact directly the research group that best matches your interests. 

202012_EoI_GKlab // Expression of Interest for PostDoctoral Research position - Kollias lab - (22/12/2020)

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202011ResC_MolecImmun // Προκήρυξη θέσης Ερευνητή Γ' βαθμίδας με αντικείμενο «Μοριακή ανοσολογία με έμφαση στους μηχανισμούς ανάπτυξης και λειτουργίας έμφυτων Τ λεμφοκυττάρων» - (13/11/2020)

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202010_EoI_PostDocMTlab // Expression of Interest for PostDoctoral Research position - Tsoumakidou lab - (09/09/2020)

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες.

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