The Transgenics & Gene Targeting Facility at the BSRC Al. Fleming was established in 2001 to integrate transgenic technologies in the mouse for cutting-edge biomedical research.

The Facility generates transgenic mice via:

  • Pronuclear Injection-Founder Generation
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Gene Targeting-Blastocyst Injection-Chimera Production- Germline transmission

In addition the facility facilitates the transportation, storage and archiving of mutant strains, via embryo rederivation, and cryopreservation and recovery of mouse embryo and sperm.

The Facility benefits from the research environment of BSRC “Al.Fleming” to provide an excellent service in transgenic technologies. Till the end of 2007, the Facility had a record of more than 40 successful projects with investigators within the BSRC Al. Fleming, collaborating academic institutions in Greece, Europe and USA, and biotech/pharmaceutical companies within Europe.


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