Hematopoiesis is responsible for the production of the many different blood cell types in our circulation. It is an ongoing process throughout life designed for the continuous replenishment of the different blood cells from a small population of self-renewing, pluripotential hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). HSCs commit and differentiate along specific lineages in response to specific signals and according to the action of lineage-restricted transcription factors, which serve to execute lineage decision, commitment and differentiation programs through the concerted regulation of target genes. 

Our research aims to address the molecular basis of transcription factor function by focusing on specific transcription factors involved in the differentiation of the erythroid (red blood) lineage, such as GATA-1. We are employing an in vivo biotinylation tagging approach as an efficient, high affinity method for the rapid isolation and characterization by mass spectrometry of transcription factor complexes implicated in erythroid differentiation and for the elucidation of gene target networks regulated by these complexes.


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