Four Fleming young researchers won the “Fotis Kafatos” award for Excellence in Biology in the 12th National Conference of the Panhellenic Union of Bioscientists. Marianthi Gioulbasani from the Verykokakis lab, and Alexandros Galaras, from the Hatzis lab, jointly won the 1st prize for their work “The transcription factor BCL-6 controls early development of innate-like T cells” published at Nature Immunology in September 2020. Tasos Liakos and Dimitris Konstantopoulos from the Fousteri lab won the 3rd prize for their work “Continuous transcription initiation guarantees robust repair of all transcribed genes and regulatory regions”, published at Nature Communications in February 2020. The “Fotis Kafatos” award for Excellence in Biology is awarded every two years in the memory of Fotis Kafatos, a pioneer molecular biologist who co-founded the IMBB-FORTH and served as a director of the EMBL and as the first Chair of the ERC. The award is under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology and is supported by the FORTH and the Crete University Press. 

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