Positions at Kontoyiannis Lab - Post-doc, Pre-doc, Technician (26/06/2012)

The Kontoyiannis’ lab is seeking highly motivated applicants for three (3) post-doctoral positions, one (1) pre-doctoral position and one (1) technician to support a national program (ARISTEIA I) entitled “Post-transcriptional determination of inflammatory states: coupling ribonomes to signaling adaptors”. The program aims to identify post-transcriptional networks of mRNA usage that determine the plasticity of innate immune subsets; it encompasses a variety of methodologies to assess ribonucleoprotein interactions in vivo and in the context of transgenic permutations. Research under this program will take place in the facilities of BSRC”Alexander Fleming”, at Vari, Attiki, Greece and for a period of 36 months-starting between September-December, 2012.

All applicants should send a full CV along with a short presentation of their qualifications/interests and the names of three referees at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by the 31st of July 2012.

Post-Doctoral Positions
Applicants should hold a PhD in biological, biochemical, biomedical or bioinformatic sciences as per the description of the position. All applicants should have a proven record of publications in the areas of interest and an excellent knowledge of the English language.
1. The first position focuses on RNA populations interacting with ribonucleoprotein groups to guide the polarization/plasticity of innate cells by means of RNA-immunoprecipations, holistic sequencing approaches and validation platforms in transgenic models of inflammatory disease. Experience in ribonomics, genomics, immunology and transgenic systems will be beneficial. Duration: 36 months
2. The second position focuses on the identification of signal protein:ribonucleoprotein interactions that guide the polarization/plasticity of innate cells by means of proteomics. Applicants should have a strong background in biochemistry. Duration: 36 months
3. The third position focuses on bioinformatic comparisons of the data derived for sequening platforms, cis-element relationships and establishmnet of algorithmic models describing innate plasticity. Applicants should have a strong background in these areas. Duration: 20 months

Pre-Doctoral Position
Applicants should hold a BSc and an MSc in biological sciences and have a good knowledge of the English language. The project involves the functional analysis of transgenic mutant mice lacking combinations of ribonucleoproteins and their responses to inflammatory disease. The successful applicant will receive training in several cutting-edge technologies. Prior experience to immunology and genetics will be beneficial. Duration: 36 months

Applicants should hold a degree in biological sciences or in supportive technical disciplines. Successful applicants will have several lab duties including mouse husbandry, genotyping, isolation of biological samples, histology and lab management. Prior experience would be beneficial. Duration: 36 months

Relevant Publications:
- Yiakouvaki A., et al. (2012). Myeloid cell expression of the RNA-binding protein HuR protects mice from pathologic inflammation and colorectal carcinogenesis. J. Clin. Investigation. 122:48-61
- Papadaki O, et al. (2009), "Control of Thymic T Cell Maturation, Deletion and Egress by the RNA-Binding Protein HuR", J Immunol, 182: 6779-6788.
- Katsanou V, et al. (2005). HuR as a negative posttranscriptional modulator in inflammation. Mol. Cell 19:777-789.

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