Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Genomics (18/2/2011)

Reporting to: Dr Ioannis Ragoussis, Director of Genomics Facility

The Genomics Group focuses on the application of next generation sequencing technology in functional genomics applications. One of major projects is establishing of RNA-seq methodologies using SOLiD 4 technology and the transcriptomic analysis of adipose tissues. Development of new technologies will also be a major part of the work.

The successful applicant will have extensive knowledge of the standard laboratory techniques for genomic and transcriptomic analysis. Previous experience with library preparation for next generation sequencing work would be desirable but not necessary. A numerical aptitude and some experience of running software in a Windows environment and R environment is also desirable. The applicant must have an adaptable approach to work and a willingness to tackle a variety of tasks. He/She should also have the ability to work without supervision, combining a structured and organized approach with enthusiasm will be vital. It will be very important to have the ability to communicate with a wide range of people and to enjoy working as a team player with a lively and motivated group of scientists.

Main Responsibilities:
• To participate in the Research & Development for genomic technologies currently being developed or applied within the group;
• To undertake research project work on forthcoming Research & Development projects;
• To contribute fully via meetings, reports, and discussion to the aims and objectives of the teams' scientific efforts;
• To keep up-to-date with literature, searching for relevant technological improvements;
• To assist in the improvement of current methodologies e.g. new sequencing library preparation and chip developments;
• To be responsible with others for the daily housekeeping of the laboratory area and general maintenance tasks including stock control of laboratory consumables and collecting goods from stores;
• To perform any other comparable duties as may be required to ensure the efficient running of the laboratory.
• To be responsible with others for the biological safety of the laboratory.

• Participate and contribute directly to scientific discussions.
• To ensure that Dr Ioannis Ragoussis and team members are kept up to date with progress and difficulties in research projects.
• To maintain confidentiality regarding research data when interacting with non-collaborating researchers.
• To contribute as appropriate to the publication of research findings in high quality journals.

Selection Criteria
Applicants will be short-listed for the post on the basis of the selection criteria outlined below:

• A PhD degree (or equivalent) in a scientific subject.
• Able to demonstrate manual dexterity and respect for precision high cost equipment.
• Experience using computers including text editing software, spreadsheets and networks.
• To be of a responsible nature with a methodical and careful approach to working in the laboratory.
• Able to demonstrate ability to organise work time efficiently and deliver results to required standard and schedule
• After training, ability to work without constant supervision.
• To be able to communicate results to Team Leader and Group Head and colleagues.
• Ability to work as a team member.

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