Call for Applications / Institute Director position, BSRC Fleming - (24/06/2020)

The General Secretariat for Research and Technology has reannounced a Call for Applications for the Institute for Bioinnovation (IBI) Director position, at BSRC Fleming.

IBI's aim is to extend the translational potential of the basic biomedical research discoveries generated by BSRC Fleming researchers, in order to deliver innovative products of high-added value and with socio-economic benefits. Its focus is on the development of bio-technologies, as well as in areas of drug discovery, such as target validation, identification of candidate hit/lead molecules, and their preclinical development.

The Institute Director will be responsible for all activities relating to the Institute's productive operation, it's representation to the Center's Administrative Board, the Institute's research and development projects, it's annual financial budget in accordance with the Center's overall scientific and strategic development objectives, as well as any duties assigned according to the Center's regulations or by decision of the Administrative Board.  

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2020

Instructions for applications in Greek: pdf  


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