The Imaging Unit provides expertise and state-of-the-art equipment for modern multidimensional biomedical imaging applications using modern microscopy methods, digital image processing and computational image analysis. The scientific personnel can provide expert guidance to scientists and assistance for projects requiring highly specialized image processing and analysis.

The Imaging Unit has been upgraded recently with the acquisition of Leica TCS SP8X White Light Laser confocal system equipped with environmental chamber for live imaging and a PicoQuant FLIM system with two external APD detectors. High content screening can be performed via the Leica HCS multiwell and single object tracking software modules.

The following services are available:

- Confocal Imaging Microscopy
• High resolution dynamic fluorescent imaging in 2D and 3D
• Multi - Fluorescent Protein detection (Spectral Unmixing)

• 3D visualisation
• unlimited selection of excitation and emission wavelengths in visible light
• automated multi-position acquisition
• co-localisation and ratiometric analysis

- Wide-field microscopy
• light and fluorescent imaging
• fast live cell imaging
• automated multi-position acquisition

- FRAP (Fluorescent recovery after photobleaching)

- FRET (Fluorescent resonance energy transfer)

- FLIM (Fluorescent lifetime Imaging microscopy)

- Live dynamic imaging

- Bone analysis
• micro-CT analysis
• Histomorphometric analysis of bone tissue

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